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Claudio Bazzari

Claudio Bazzari has been playing music since the end of the Sixties with the band “Le Anime” recording several 45s and starting his professional career in the clubs.
In 1973 he formed the band “Pueblo” with Max Meazza and Fabio Spruzzola, a trio inspired by the West Coast sound that recorded an LP and three 45s with Polygram. He then became well known by the various recording studios and started his career as a session man collaborating with several artists such as Fabrizio De Andrè, Gianna Nannini, Eros Ramazzotti, Drupi, Ron, Mina, Loredana Bertè, Gianni Morandi, Amedeo Minghi, Alice, Mario Lavezzi, Edoardo Bennato, Pupo, Pierangelo Bertoli, Massimo Bubola, Franco Simone, Bobby Solo, Marco Ferradini, Bruno Lauzi, Marcella Bella, Mauro Pagani, Shel Shapiro, Toto Cutugno, and performed live with Adriano Celentano, Antonello Venditti, Milva.
In 1976 he won the award il Telegatto of “TV Sorrisi e Canzoni” with the band Pueblo.
In 1981 he was awarded the second Telegatto prize as the best session musician of 1980-81 recoding season.
At the same time he joined the “Treves Blues Band”, giving in to his real passion for the Blues. With the T.B.B. he had the opportunity to play with a great artist as Mike Bloomfield and to perform in many blues events such as the Pistoia Blues Festival.
He carried on playing blues live for many years with the “Baker Street Band” featuring Dave Baker as soloist and drummer, Claudio Bazzari and Chuck Fryers at the guitar and Tino Cappelletti at the bass.
He also played for various TV spots as the famous commercials for Coppa del nonno (an Italian ice-cream) and Amaro Montenegro (an Italian liquor)
Since 2002 he has been teaching guitar by the music school Centro Professione Musica of Milano, delivering lessons of Blues&Country Guitar and Blues&Rock Guitar.
His book “La chitarra e il Blues” was published within the CPM book series.
In 2011 Claudio Bazzari with Aldo Banfi the keyboard player, Isabella Casucci the vocalist, Aberto Pavesi the drummer and Marco Mangelli the bass player, started the “BANFI E BAZZARI BAND”, performing in blues events as Vallemaggia Magic Blues and Caslano Blues Festival in Switzerland.
In 2014 the “BLUES GUITAR HEROES” band was formed including three great blues guitar players: Claudio Bazzari, Maurizio Gnola and Heggy Vezzano with a repertoire covering classical blues songs as well as original tracks.
In 2015 the Banfi e Bazzari Band released the first CD of original songs “In The Balance”, hanging in the balance between several music styles.

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